American comedian MARK CURRY contemplated suicide last year (06) and credits pal Bill Cosby with bringing him back from the brink. The HANGIN' WITH MR COOPER funnyman's depression began when a can of spray starch exploded, setting fire to his California home and leaving him with second-degree burns across 18 per cent of his body. While in hospital Curry began collecting painkillers in a bid to overdose - but Cosby and fellow comedian Sinbad's regular visits helped him laugh through his pain. The 42-year-old tells TV presenter Montel Williams, "It was so bad... that pain was so excruciating. "I wanted to kill myself and, by the fourth day, I said, 'I can't do this.' I felt less than a man. I couldn't even look at my own body. I saw my hand with the peeling skin and threw up, and I didn't look at myself again. "They (Cosby and Sinbad) made me laugh, and that helped a lot."