TV veteran Bill Cosby urged Virginia students to stay in school and stay away from unprotected sex, drugs and alcohol on Monday (11OCT04).

The COSBY SHOW star, 67, toured public schools in Richmond with Mayoral candidate L DOUGLAS WILDER, but steered away from politics to focus on the choices faced by the black youth.

At Fred D Thompson Middle School, Cosby pleaded, "Study. That's all. It's not tough. You're not picking cotton. You're not picking up the trash. You're not washing windows. You sit down. You read. You develop your brain."

At George Wythe High School, Cosby urged teenage girls to consider contraception and for boys to avert gang life.

He said, "I'd like to tell you I don't think things have changed since I was 14.

"There are still old people who drink, do drugs - who will stop and take the time to tell you don't be like them. Have you heard them? Pay attention to them.

"Everybody knows about sex. Not too many people want to know about algebra. Let's think about love. Let's think about where it is and where you can get it, but not sex."

Lighting up the serious mood, Cosby joked, "You're too young for sex. You don't have sex 'til you're 50 years old. What, that's too old? Well how about 49?"

12/10/2004 09:16