LATEST: Comedian Bill Cosby has been hit with new sexual misconduct allegations by a California attorney.

TAMARA GREEN plans to go public with her claims from 30 years ago on American TV today (10FEB05) as Cosby fights allegations he drugged and molested a 31-year-old woman at his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home a year ago (JAN04).

Green says, "If I am the only other victim, besides the present victim, that's two too many."

The new allegations come just a week after former Cosby lover SHAWN UPSHAW revealed she had been drugged before a sex session with the comic.

Cosby's attorney JOHN SCHMITT denies all the allegations made against his client.

Meanwhile, authorities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will wait another week before deciding whether or not to file criminal charges against the comedian after finding nothing incriminating on tapes recovered from his molestation accuser.

Prosecutors were planning to announce their decision later this week (ends11FEB05) but have asked for more time to investigate claims made against Cosby that he drugged and then sexually molested a 31-year-old at his Philadelphia are home last year (JAN04).

A police source has told American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE that the accuser, ANDREA CONSTAND, and her mother taped phone conversations with Cosby but investigators have found nothing incriminating on the tapes.

10/02/2005 03:56