LATEST: The credibility of comedian Bill Cosby's latest sexual assault accuser has been called into question after an American news show uncovered documents showing she's a lawyer in serious trouble.

California attorney TAMARA GREEN has gone public on TV shows in America, claiming that, like Cosby's Canadian accuser, she was drugged and assaulted by the funnyman 30 years ago.

Green told CNN earlier this month (FEB05) that she was "grabbed and groped" by Cosby, but she feels she "thwarted a rape" even though she was drugged at the time.

But now US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE has discovered Green is facing serious disciplinary charges by the California State Bar Association after allegedly cheating clients out of $20,000 (GBP10,500).

Officials for the Bar Association revealed to the show that Green had been put into a programme for lawyers with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Cosby's attorneys insist their client never even knew Green.

Meanwhile, investigators in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are expected to announce whether they'll be charging Cosby with the sexual molestation of a 31-year-old Canadian woman this week (beg14FEB05).

14/02/2005 02:41