Lili Bernard, who made an appearance on The Cosby Show in 1992, claimed in May (15) the comedian had drugged and raped her, prompting an investigation, but prosecutors have reportedly decided to not move forward with filing charges.

A press release from a man who identifies himself as Cosby's lawyer, Edwin J. Jacobs Jr., reads: "As of this writing, the office of the Atlantic County prosecutor has terminated its investigation, closed its file and so notified Ms. Bernard's lawyer. There will be no charges filed."

New Jersey currently has no statute of limitation for rape, but the law was only changed in 1996.

Jacobs adds, "Whatever (Bernard) was claiming was far beyond the statute of limitations. That was my legal analysis and the analysis of the Atlantic County prosecutor."

A spokesperson for the Atlantic County prosecutor's office has refused to comment on the news, but Bernard's lawyer, Gloria Allred, has responded.

She says, "Three little words - statute of limitations. These words appear to be Mr. Cosby's three favourite words in the English language. He and his lawyers throw them out whenever they can, while Mr. Cosby continues to thumb his nose at the many alleged victims who have accused him of violating their trust and their bodies...

"There will come a day when one or more of his numerous alleged victims will finally be able to break through the barriers and force Mr. Cosby to be accountable... I look forward to that day and to be able to look Mr. Cosby in the eye and tell him that justice has no time limit!"

Cosby has been accused of rape, sexual assault and general inappropriate behaviour by more than 30 women, who have come forward with decades-old claims against him in the past nine months.