Former model Chloe Goins filed a federal civil suit at United States District Court in California against The Cosby Show star last year (15), claiming she was just a teenager when he allegedly forced himself upon her at a Playboy mansion party in 2008.

She claimed she felt dizzy and sick after Cosby gave her a drink and escorted her to a room, where she lost consciousness and awoke naked to find the comedian and actor licking her toes.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office declined to file criminal charges in the case at the end of last year (15), and Goins voluntarily dismissed her federal lawsuit without prejudice in February (16). This allowed Goins and her legal team to re-open the case at a later date. In May (16), Goins re-filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Cosby's lawyers have urged the judge overseeing the case to throw it out and have now filed papers explaining the model is unable to sue Cosby under domestic violence laws because they did not have a "dating relationship" or "frequent, intimate associations". They also insist the statute of limitations have run out on the case, according to