Bill Cosby has postponed another two dates on his troubled stand-up comedy tour just minutes after top women's rights attorney Gloria Allred staged a press conference on Wednesday (03Dec14) and urged the funnyman to defend himself in court against multiple sexual abuse allegations.

Allred, who was joined by three new accusers at the media event in Los Angeles, challenged Cosby to put $100 million (Gbp66.7 million) in a fund so his alleged victims could argue their cases in court and allow a panel of retired judges to determine whether or not he's guilty.

Allred admitted it was too late for most of the comic's accusers to sue him because the alleged incidents took place decades ago, so she urged him to either set aside the money or agree to waive the statute of limitations as a legal defense, which would allow the women to pursue lawsuits against him.

She said, "We challenge Mr. Cosby to end this nightmare... and we look forward to his response."

The attorney claimed more than 20 women have come forward making allegations of sexual assault against the comedian, and admitted many of them had asked her to represent them.

Allred added, "If Mr. Cosby believes all the women are being untruthful, then this is his opportunity to prove it. What could be fairer than that?"

Cosby, who has not publicly addressed any of the most recent allegations against him, hasn't responded to Allred's challenge, but shortly after her media event he scrapped two Saturday (06Dec14) shows in Tarrytown, New York.

A venue spokesman tells the comic and the promoter reached the decision together.

Several other theatre bosses have already cancelled or rescheduled Cosby shows in the wake of the sex scandal.

On Tuesday (02Dec14), a California woman filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974, when she was 15.