The runway star-turned-TV personality sued the 78 year old in May (15) after she went public with her accusations of Cosby's inappropriate behaviour in November (14), claiming he gave her red wine and a mystery pill when she complained of stomach pains during a business dinner in Lake Tahoe, California in 1982.

Cosby's former attorney, Martin Singer, subsequently blasted the allegation as "a complete lie", but on Monday (02Nov15), Judge Debra Weintraub ruled discovery and depositions would be allowed and Cosby's and Singer's deposition would have to take place before 25 November (15). Weintraub also denied a motion from Cosby's new lawyers stating she had to prove malice and ruled "either the rape did occur or not occur and Ms. DICkinson is either telling the truth or not."

The ruling comes less than two weeks after The Cosby Show star parted ways with Singer and recruited Christopher Tayback of Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan as his attorney.

It also comes nearly a month after he was deposed in his defamation lawsuit with Judy Huth, who claims she was just 15 when Cosby reportedly forced himself upon her during a party at the Playboy Mansion in California in 1974.

DICkinson and Huth are among the more than 50 women who have come forward with decades-old accusations of inappropriate behaviour, drugging and/or rape against Cosby in the past year. The statute of limitations has expired in almost all of the cases, preventing the alleged victims from pursuing criminal charges, and Cosby, who maintains his innocence, has never been charged in any of the cases.