Former American President Bill Clinton's actress friend Mary Steenburgen has now become pals with the man hotly tipped to replace current incumbent George W Bush.

The actress and her CHEERS star husband Ted Danson are best friends with former leader Bill and wife HILLARY CLINTON - and now she has become close with Democrat war hero GENERAL WES CLARK, who is a red-hot favourite to become America's next President.

Steenburgen and Bill Clinton have been friends for 25 years after discovering they both hail from Little Rock, Arkansas, and the actress has an even stranger link to Clark.

Danson explains, "It turns out her mother and General Wes Clark's mother worked together in a bank in Little Rock, so once again she's picking presidents."

And Danson is a fervent supporter of his wife's new political pal, "He's a really, really bright and wonderful man."

15/10/2003 08:56