LATEST: Walt Disney bosses edited parts of its new 9/11 TV mini-series after high-ranking officials in former US President Bill Clinton's administration complained about alleged inaccuracies. Former Secretary Of State MADELEINE ALBRIGHT and Clinton advisor DOUGLAS BAND were among the group of politicians who wrote to Walt Disney boss ROBERT IGER, urging him to fix damning items in THE PATH TO 9/11 or scrap the project completely. The TV special, which aired on Disney sister network ABC last night (10SEP06) and concludes tonight (11SEP06), features Harvey Keitel as FBI agent JOHN O'NEILL. Band objected to TV ads for the mini-series, which he says suggests Clinton wasn't paying enough attention to the threat of terrorism due to the MONICA LEWINSKI scandal. In the original cut, an actor portraying White House terrorism czar Richard Clarke tells O'Neill, "The Republicans are going all-out for impeachment. I just don't see in that climate the president's going to take chances." But in the version aired last night, Clarke said, "The president has assured me this... won't affect his decision-making." Albright objected to a scene which alleges she insisted on warning Pakistan officials about a planned airstrike on Afghanistan - something she claims never happened. She fumed, "The scene as explained to me is false and defamatory." This scene remained intact in last night's broadcast but the edited version distanced itself from the original's claim to be "based on the 9/11 commission report". A disclaimer was shown three times during the programme, making it clear The Path To 9/11 was not a documentary. It read, "For dramatic and narrative purposes the movie contains fictionalised scenes, composite and representative characters and dialogue, as well as time compression."