Former US President Bill Clinton's brother ROGER faces jail time for being a deadbeat dad.

Roger is fighting with his ex-wife in court over his failure to pay spousal and child support.

American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE has obtained court documents signed by a Los Angeles judge, stating Roger owes more than $24,000 (GBP13,300) to his ex-wife, MOLLY.

And there's even a notation stating Roger owes $81.50 (GBP45.28) for his son's medical bills.

In a written declaration, he tells the court, "I am still attempting to either borrow the money necessary or to reach agreement with my ex-wife."

This isn't Roger's first legal trouble - in 2001, he pleaded guilty to reckless driving, and in 1985, he spent time in jail for cocaine distribution.

25/05/2004 02:06