Former American President Bill Clinton has publically defended embattled British Prime Minister Tony Blair's decision to go to war in Iraq, while on a promotional book tour in the country.

Clinton, 57, was speaking on British chat show RICHARD AND JUDY yesterday (12JUL04) following the publication of his memoirs MY LIFE, where he told the hosts he believed Blair had acted to maintain the "special relationship" between the two nations.

But Clinton did admit Blair's unwavering support of President GEORGE W Bush could prove to be the British leader's downfall.

He said: "It has been quite costly for Tony Blair but I think it's a very important thing to maintain.

"We are in a global information age in which the security environment is not dominated by the Cold War, but by a mutual interdependence and exposure to common dangers like terror and weapons of mass destruction."

He was speaking just hours after is was announced Michael Moore's damning documentary had broken box office records in England after just three days on nationwide release.

The film is highly critical of the Collation who opted to declare war on Iraq without the backing of the UNITED NATIONS.

13/07/2004 02:23