Former US President Bill Clinton kept himself busy while waiting for heart surgery on Saturday night (04SEP04), by advising presidential hopeful JOHN KERRY on how to win the November (04) election.

Clinton, who underwent a successful quadruple bypass surgery on Monday (06SEP04), called Kerry from his hospital bed before he was wheeled into surgery with 90 minutes of suggestions on how to reinvigorate his candidacy.

The popular politician advised fellow Democrat Kerry to spend less time talking about his service in the Vietnam War and more time on America's domestic issues like healthcare and jobs.

Recent polls have showed President George W Bush with a large and growing lead in the wake of the recent REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION in New York City.

Late last week (ends03SEP04), Kerry shook up his senior campaign team, taking on Clinton veterans Paul Begala, James Carville and JOE LOCKHART, and an old friend, JOHN SASSO.

08/09/2004 02:11