LATEST: Former US President Bill Clinton was released from hospital yesterday (14MAR05), following successful surgery.

Clinton, 58, left New York-Presbyterian Hospital four days after surgery to remove fluid and scar tissue which had accumulated in his chest after his heart-bypass operation last year (04).

Clinton says in a statement, "HILLARY, CHELSEA and I are very grateful to the medical team that cared for me at the hospital and we deeply appreciate all the prayers and good wishes we've received in recent days."

The procedure, called a decortication, was described by his doctors as low-risk, although the condition is rarely seen in heart-bypass patients.

The condition had caused some compression on Clinton's left lung, left him short of breath while exercising and gave him some chest discomfort.

Clinton is expected to recuperate in his home in Chappaqua, New York.

The normal recovery time is four to six weeks, say doctors.

15/03/2005 03:13