The American hip-hop star is currently joining Rihanna on her Anti World Tour, after fronting three of his own in the past.

Stylist Ade Samuel is helping Big Sean pick his onstage outfits from the likes of Moschino, Dior Homme and Alexander Wang, and by overhauling his wardrobe the musician's shirtless performances may not be a regular feature anymore.

"I feel like before it was more of a routine, like,' Okay, I’m gonna take my shirt off on this song,' as opposed to really feeling it and being like, 'I’m ’bout to take my f**king shirt off, because this is what I’m feeling like right now,'” he explained to "Sometimes, when I would look back on pictures, I’d be like, 'Man, my outfit looked better than me with my shirt off sometimes.'"

Ade has created 47 outfits for Big Sean's supporting role in the Anti shows. "Now, if I have a good outfit on, I want to rock that outfit right. It’s not too much of a decision, though. I’ll probably take my shirt off again whenever I feel like it," added Big Sean.

For the release of his third studio album Dark Sky Paradise in 2015, Big Sean's style turned a little darker to fit the emotional turmoil of the record. "As far as my solo stuff, my last album was kind of dark," he admitted. "I do think it was the blueprint as far as how I make music - to always stick to my roots and to be authentic and raw. Just keep it real, you know. I never want to bring the same thing again." But when dropping a debut EP under TWENTY88, his duo act alongside R'n'B singer Jhene Aiko, earlier this year (16), things brightened up.

"I always want to change it up for the better. So that’s what I been doing both musically and style-wise, just having fun with it. That’s what it’s really all about. It’s an expression of how you feel."