Rapper Big Sean thanked former collaborator Justin Bieber for help in launching his career by gifting the pop star with his prized pinky ring.
The Baby hitmaker teamed up with the Bet Awards Best New Artist winner to record As Long as You Love Me for his new album Believe, and essentially introducing the rising hip-hop star to a large and loyal fan base.
And to show his appreciation for the exposure, Big Sean removed the ring Bieber had been admiring on his finger and handed it to the 18.
Big Sean tells MTV News, "It was the first ring I bought as soon as I started finally making money. I got it and the first time I worked with Bieber, I came to the studio and he just loved this pinky ring I had on.
"After he put me on his album and introduced me to a lot of his fans, I felt like, 'Yo, man, just to show my appreciation...,' I gave him the Rolex ring. It ain't no thing; it's really what bosses do - we give each other gifts."