Filmmakers behind an unauthorised biopic recently posted a casting call seeking "an overweight Hispanic actor to play Big Pun in an upcoming BIG PUN film project".

The casting call came as news to Big Pun's spouse, Liza Rios, who insists she was not consulted about the project and is having her lawyer look into the movie.

"Hey I have nothing to do with this project," she wrote on on Sunday (13Mar16). "These people never even came to me for permission or to consult on OUR LIVES. So basically it's a FAKE Bio pic of PUN and we all know how that goes. I was so not involved in this process BUT My LAWYER now is!"

The Still Not a Player star passed away of a heart attack in 2000. Liza recently launched The Christopher Lee Rios foundation in his hometown of the Bronx, New York to keep his legacy alive.

"You just can't give up," Liza told last month (Feb16). "You just keep going. You adjust to the situation, and you keep going. Even going through the transition of losing him. I've been through so much, but I'm still here. I always wanted to give back in a certain way. Pun loved the Bronx, and no matter how much fame, he wanted to stay here."

In addition to the foundation, Liza also signed a deal with Hologram USA to bring Pun back to the stage in performances across the country. She is also writing a book about her life with the late rapper and will be hosting a new radio show, titled The Punisher Show.

"He's relevant," she continued. "He's still very much present. He's got the people from our era listening to him and the new generation. Pun was timeless, and his legacy will love forever. I just want to thank them (the fans) for the love and support."