Rising rap act Big Brovaz are marking themselves out from their rivals - they're singing about the good things in life, not guns and violence.

The British stars, who are nominated for four gongs at the upcoming MOBO AWARDS, want to preach a message of love and understanding, rather than risk the criticism levelled at contemporaries like So Solid Crew for supposedly glorifying violence.

Big Brovaz's DION agrees, "When people here about urban music it's very stereotypical to talk about gun violence. We are changing the script - we are turning it all around and talking about all the goodness in life.

"If there are bad things and negativity in life then we show people for to deal with them in a positive way."

Bandmate RANDY says, "Kids from eight to 15 are our main audience so for us to go out there doing music about guns and violence just wouldn't be right. We write about happy stuff in life. That's what is important."

22/09/2003 13:34