British hip-hop group Big Brovaz have put their chart comeback on hold - because two of the bandmembers have experienced success with their new dance project, BOOTY LUV. The female members of the group, Cherise and Nadia, scored a top 10 hit in the UK earlier this year (07) with their dance remake of Tweet's Boogie 2nite, and have decided to continue working on tracks as duo Booty Luv - which was initially meant to be a one-off side project. Cherise says, "To be honest (Big Brovaz) is not moving at all. We have to think about our careers, and the Booty Luv project is going so well we are just going to put all our effort and energy into that for a while." And while the girls were disappointed their attempt to enter the Eurovision Song Contest as Britain's representatives failed, they are glad it has worked out for the better. They add, "It was an experience. If we'd have gone through, then we couldn't do what we are doing now with Booty Luv. It all worked out for the best in the end."