Rising R+B band Big Brovaz are in turmoil after admitting to smoking marijuana - just days after sacking one of the group for being caught with the drug.

Even though Flawless was kicked out of the band this week (ends26MAR04) after being caught with a small amount of cannabis at Los Angeles airport LAX, the group have admitted fellow rapper J-ROCK was cautioned by police for possession of the drug last August (03).

However, on that occasion the band's management covered up the boozy incident in Germany - in contrast to Flawless' experience.

J-Rock explains, "That made me reconsider my whole outlook on drink and drugs.

"We got drunk and I was given a small amount of marijuana which I was going to smoke in the hotel afterwards.

"But I'd never try to traffick drugs in and out of countries for personal use."

Bandmate RANDY - who is today (26MAR04) pictured in the British press smoking marijuana with Flawless - adds, "Drugs are something we would never pass on to the kids as a cool thing to do.

"We are a bit embarrassed by this whole situation has arisen from Flawless's stupidity."

However, both confess to being regular users of the drug, although Randy adds, "What I smoke now is nothing to what I smoked before. I have cut down loads."

26/03/2004 02:43