LATEST: British hip-hop collective Big Brovaz have been dropped by their record company Sony after poor sales of their last single.

The FAVOURITE THINGS fivesome's track YOURS FATALLY debuted in the British singles charts at a dismal number 15 on Sunday (03OCT04), and their previous two songs AIN'T WHAT YOU DO and WE WANNA THANK YOU (THE THINGS YOU DO) also failed to make the top ten.

The remaining members of the South London group: J-ROCK, RANDY, Nadia, CHERISE and DION have faced a barrage of problems since Flawless was thrown out of the band in March (04) after he was deported from America when he was caught with marijuana.

A music industry insider tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "A lot of heat has been on the band since the drug stories.

"The cannabis connection didn't go down well with the label and the band have been skating on thin ice since.

"The latest single was their last chance but the damage had already been done."

A Sony spokesperson said they had "no comment" to make on Big Brovaz's departure.

06/10/2004 03:19