One of this season's Big Brother romances has fizzled out after Ziggy put an end to days of bickering by breaking it off with Chanelle.

Ziggy, 26, revealed his decision to the 19-year-old student in the garden after consulting Carole on the decision.

He told Chanelle: "A lot of people have been talking and saying they think you fancy Billi.

"That's not the real reason why. I just think you need to be freed up and I don't wanna be bringing you down."

He added that he did not want to hurt her on the show and that he was looking to enjoy his time in the Big Brother house.

A distraught Chanelle was left wondering who had been talking to Ziggy behind her back.

The two housemates last clashed in the bedroom when Chanelle told Ziggy that their relationship had spoilt her time in the house.

Chanelle, who was up for eviction last week, later broke into tears and claimed that Ziggy had feelings for Charley.

In other developments, a new 'fake' housemate, Thaila Zucchi, entered the house yesterday. The part-time waitress who is known to housemates as Pauline, will be pretending to be Australian.

09/07/2007 07:26:37