CELEBRITY Big Brother housemate JO O'MEARA has completely broken down and is under constant psychiatric surveillance after being branded a racist bully in the house.

O'Meara, who, along with JADE GOODY and DANIELLE LLOYD allegedly racially bullied Indian Bollywood star SHILPA SHETTY in the BB house, broke down on GMTV after being quizzed about the affair.

Aides have admitted the former S Club 7 singer is now being watched by medical staff in her hotel as she is too "fragile" to be moved to a specialist clinic.

O'Meara has claimed she cannot return home after receiving three death threats, with a source telling the Sun: "Jo is in no state to go anywhere. She has round-the-clock doctors, psychiatrists and nurses to care for her.

"We are very worried - she's absolutely broken."

Former housemate JERMAINE JACKSON has announced he is also worried about the singer, but has a song to give her to help relaunch her career. He said: "I told her I have a song I wanted to present to her. I'm going to do it."

Meanwhile the relationship between JADE GOODY, currently holed up in rehab clinic The Priory, and boyfriend JACK TWEEDY has reportedly turned sour after 19-year-old Jack snubbed Jade when he left the house.

31/01/2007 11:36:53