Contestants on this year's Big Brother have won their latest task after being asked a series of philosophical questions.

Despite not being among the most rational thinkers the country has to offer, the housemates won a crate of alcohol after successfully debating age-old posers such as 'what is happiness?' and 'what is love?'.

The task saw the ten remaining housemates each read out a question written on the bottom of rubber ducks in the bath, with a loud 'quack' signalling that a new topic was to be debated.

When it came to happiness Ziggy was of the opinion that it was all about "feeling good about yourself", while Charley predictably said: "My family, my friends, getting what I want. Life, when it's going well."

Tracey won through though with the statement: "Happiness to me is walking down the street and giving someone a smile, because it costs nothing."

Betraying his Wet Wet Wet fandom, Liam, when asked what love meant to him, said with a straight face: "Love is all around; every sight and every sound."

But upon seeing that the enrapt housemates were taking him seriously, he quickly added: "But it's for wimps isn't it? Next!"

Another question that stumped Amanda at least was 'if a tree falls in the woods and no-one is around to hear – does it make a sound?'.

"Yeah of course it does," she said. "It makes a big bang."

"This question's a bit deep isn't it," Chanelle added. "Is this what philosophy is? Deep stuff?"

22/07/2007 16:11:30