The 'Ultimate Big Brother' housemates are learning a synchronised street dance routine.

The contestants have been set the task of teaming up with dance act Flawless - who rose to fame on reality show 'Britain's Got Talent' - to memorise a difficult routine to perform later today (07.09.10).

The dance troupe will hold auditions in the task room, where housemates will individually try out for the part of Lead Dancer in their own street dance pack Flawed - before learning the new routine.

After reading the task instructions to the group, Ulrika gasped: "Oh lord help me, God. Bagsie I'm at the back."

The group were then told to collect shiny blue shellsuits, green trainers, red baseball caps and gold chains from the store room, before falling about laughing about their new looks.

Despite the amusing task, housemates haven't been in such high spirits all morning.

Earlier today, Chantelle looked upset as she chatted to Vanessa about her divorce from Preston - who she is currently living with in the Channel 4 compound.

She said: "We didn't split up because of anything like that. We didn't have anything to argue about. You know, he didn't ever do anything to make me angry. It weren't that.

"It was just circumstances. All that had happened - obviously I'd been on 'Big Brother' and then I didn't even go back to my mum's, I moved to Brighton, my friends weren't there, my family wasn't there, I was in a strange place, Preston was away working and it was just that I felt so lonely.

"Preston didn't wanna go out with his friends because he felt bad for leaving me at home, and I felt bad because he wasn't going out with his friends and I felt like I was stopping him from going out. It was circumstances."