'Ultimate Big Brother' housemates passed their Flawed task yesterday (07.09.10) after pulling off a street dance routine judged by dance troupe Flawless.

Vanessa was given the role as head dancer while blonde Nikki gave an impressive finale to the routine by doing the splits in the middle of the task room.

Flawless told the housemates: "You should be proud and happy with yourselves because it was very, very tough. We commend you and thank you for your patience."

They were later given a deluxe hamper filled with pampering products.

Chantelle and Nikki were thrilled with the prize while Victor moaned there wasn't much for the men, adding: "I thought we'd get some chow or something, I'm not too keen on the whole pampering thing."

Despite the celebrations last night, Chantelle and Nikki both broke down in the house yesterday (07.09.10).

Chantelle burst into tears in the toilets during intense dance rehearsals with Flawless, but was eventually coaxed out by a sympathetic Ulrika.

The pretty blonde contestant later told Brian she had broken down after spending too much time thinking about her family and ex-husband Preston, not about the tough dance routine.

She said: "I think it's because we didn't do anything yesterday my mind went into overdrive, I was thinking about my family, Preston, everything, do you know what I mean?"

Nikki later broke down to Chantelle while taking a bath, saying she was "quite stressed" about gaining weight in the house.

Chantelle told her she was still slim and not to worry, and advised Nikki - who has previously struggled with eating disorders - to exercise as normal once she has left the show.

Nikki said: "It's just because I can't go to the gym... I think that's been the hardest thing for me - seeing the weight go on. But I feel good for it."