Sunshine became the third person to be evicted from 'Big Brother' last night (02.07.10).

The medical student - who was up against Caoimhe and Shabby - received the biggest amount of public votes but coped with the news quite well, hugging Ben and Mario.

However, Shabby - who had survived her second public vote - looked quite disappointed that she and friend Caoimhe would be in the house for at least another week.

Wearing a floral dress and Pink hat, Sunshine left the house to the sound of Len hit 'Steal My Sunshine', which was drowned out by boos.

Despite the negative reaction, she told host Davina Mccall it was better than she was expecting.

She said: "I thought it would be worse, so that was alright."

Davina then told her she had received 42 per cent of the vote and that it had been very close between her and Caoimhe.

One person who was sad to see Sunshine go was Corin, who earlier in the day had told her friend she would be "gutted" if she went.

She told her: "No, honest I'll be really gutted. You've got a lot of energy, and I like that, I'll miss it. I'll be sad if you go."