Stuart Pilkington became the ninth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house last night with 59 per cent of the votes cast by the public.

The 25-year-old personal trainer from Cheshire went head-to-head with fellow housemate Rachel Rice.

On hearing that he was next to leave the house Stuart said: "First thing tomorrow I'll get to see my little girl.

"I hope I don't get booed too much. Oh man, this is it. I'm going home to the world"

An equally ecstatic Rachel broke down in tears of joys, as Rex Newmark spoke of his disappointment that the Welsh trainee teacher wasn't leaving after repeatedly describing her as "boring".

He said: "I'm really disappointed. There is some stupid people that actually like you."

Rachel responded: "Well, it seems that you're not always right Rex."
Stuart celebrated his release from the house by attempting to crowd surf, a stunt which went wrong when the crowd parted instead of supporting him over their heads.

Stu picked up five nominations from Darnell Swallow, Kathreya Kasisopa, Mohamed Mohamed, Nicole Cammack and Rex Newmark.

During his post-eviction interview with Davina, he admitted he was relieved at his positive reception: "I was scared of being booed."
Stuart said he was desperate to see his five-year-old daughter Mia and missed her immediately.

He added: "Being eight weeks away from my daughter was horrific. I see her every day."

When asked about his flirtations with Sara, Stuart insisted he didn't think the pretty Australian fancied him.

Describing Big Brother couple Nicole and Rex, he said: "I feel sorry for them both. They argue a lot. Just before eviction they argued again."

When asked about Mohamed, he said: "I got on with him, but he's the only person who irritated me."

Stuart tipped Mikey to win the show, saying: "Mikey doesn't act. Everyone in there acts, Mikey is the only one who doesn't act."

16/08/2008 16:36:52