Sophie's mother doesn't like her 'Big Brother' boyfriend, Kris.

The lovebird's mum says has warned she is less than impressed with her daughter's budding romance on the show, and said Kris won't be welcome at her house.

Helen Reade said:"I don't want Kris as a son-in-law! He went on the show saying he's slept with 140 girls - I think something like that should be private.

"Sophie's brothers aren't happy about Kris either - they've said, 'He's not welcome round here'.

"He's making a fool of her. It'll never last.

Helen also said Sophie wouldn't be attracted to the preening lothario outside of the 'Big Brother' house.

She added: " Sophie wouldn't go anywhere near him. He's not her type - he seems cocky, a bit of a womaniser. Sophie doesn't like pretty boys.

"I've heard he's got a girlfriend on the outside, anyway. What kind of lad isn't upfront? It doesn't sound like he's got much respect for women."

She also told how she'd warned Playboy model Sophie to be careful how she acted before she entered the house.

Helen said to Britain's Heat magazine: "I told Sophie 'Don't get your boobs out and don't get into a relationship with someone. It's like going out with someone you work with - you just don't do it."

Sophie, Kris and Charlie are up for eviction this Friday (10.07.09) after they broke house rules about discussion nominations.