Sophie wants her relationship with Kris to last outside 'Big Brother'.

The blonde beauty has revealed she would love to date the 24-year-old curly-haired hunk when they leave the show because they have become emotionally "involved".

She told him: "I think we could give it a go. I never get involved, because I get my feelings hurt before, but I have with you."

Kris whispered: "What are you feeling?"

An embarrassed Sophie replied: "I like you a lot..."

Later that evening, as the two cuddled up under the duvet, Kris was heard laughing "hello girls" at the Playboy model's 30GG breasts.

It was recently revealed Sophie's mother doesn't like her daughter's new man and says she believes Kris is making the beauty look foolish.

Helen Reade said: "I don't want Kris as a son-in-law! He went on the show saying he's slept with 140 girls - I think something like that should be private.

"Sophie's brothers aren't happy about Kris either - they've said, 'He's not welcome round here'. He's making a fool of her. It'll never last."