Sophie Reade won 'Big Brother' 2009.

The blonde glamour model left the reality TV house to huge cheers from the crowd and fireworks, looking entirely dumbstruck to have triumphed on the show.

She beat housemates Siavash, David, Rodrigo and Charlie in tonight's (04.09.09) series finale.

Sophie was almost still unable to speak as show host Davina Mccall started to interview her and immediately asked how she felt about in-house boyfriend Kris.

Sophie said: "It's just, like, I've read some stuff and obviously I need to speak to him and stuff."

She had previously vowed to dump the curly haired lothario after Big Brother had given her a magazine featuring an interview where he'd refused to deny they'd had sex in the house.

Davina then asked if she meant it when she said she'd be single when she left, but overcome, Sophie could only cry into the microphone.

Kris was then given a chance to pass a message to her.

He said: "Well done brilliant, spot on, well done babes."

Sophie was then asked if it was true she had sex with him - as she reportedly confirmed to Irish housemate Noirin.

Referring to her beloved pet Sophie replied: "I swear on my Chihuahua's life, I never said that."

On what winning the show meant to her, she said: "I've never won anything in my life I never thought I'd ever win this, I just feel really accepted by people.

"Obviously people think that because I get my boobs out for a living, I think they think I'm tacky and an airhead and… I just feel accepted."

Sophie was later awarded with the show's prize money of £71,321, which she said she would spend on "clothes and charity".