Sophie feels no-one in the Big Brother house takes her seriously.

The glamour model thinks her housemates see her as a "dippy blonde" and told Siavash she feels she is always being judged on her looks.

Despite the Iranian-born party planner assuring her when she said she was "physically scared" about getting booed when she left the house, Sophie said: "You've not had it your whole life. I've had it my whole life.

"I'm the f**king dumb one on this show. The 'dippy blonde', that's what they called me in the magazine."

She told him she was frustrated with her housemates for suggesting Siavash had influenced her nominations.

She said: "People don't take me seriously, and it's really annoying!"

The blonde beauty is now convinced she would be evicted at the next chance and is now ready to go home.

However, Siavash told her she was going nowhere.