David and Siavash can't imagine Sophie naked.

The 'Big Brother' pair told their 30GG chested housemate they can't picture her posing topless for glamour magazine shoots, with David saying he thinks she would better suit Channel 4 soap opera 'Hollyoaks'.

Iranian housemate Siavash told Sophie: "I do not see you in any way in a porn-y sort of look. I cannot imagine you taking your clothes off."

Camp clothes sorter David added: "You'll be a big star. I could see you in 'Hollyoaks'. You're just a normal young girl - that's why I think you'll be popular."

Sophie laughed and said she couldn't act, before describing the different types of modelling she does and what she refuses to do.

She told them: "I never do mobile downloads. And I got offered to go into the 'CandyCrib' house but it's tacky, and I don't do stuff like that."

While Siavash and David protested that Sophie didn't have the attitude of a glamour model, she warned them most models don't act how they think.

David decided to give her advice anyway, saying: "A lot of these girls, Jordan and Jodie Marsh, take it too far - so you'll have to be careful when you come out of here. You don't want to have your dirty washing in the papers, your legs spread."