'Big Brother' winner Sophie Reade wants to be bigger than Jordan.

After triumphing on the reality show's 10th series, the 30GG breasted glamour model has vowed to get another operation to boost her breasts and wants to become more famous than model turned reality TV star Katie Price, aka Jordan.

Sophie said: "I'm better than Jordan don't you think? I wouldn't want to be the same as Jordan because I wouldn't want to copy, like, what she's done, but I'd do a reality show if people liked me and wanted me to.

"I've always had big boobs, but I want them bigger than anyone else, I could buy 20 boob jobs with my winnings - people will see my boobs before they see me.

"I'm definitely going to go bigger. Why not go massive?"

With her plans to take the glamour world by storm, Sophie - who took home £71,000 for winning 'Big Brother' - also confirmed she is single again after splitting with in-house lover Kris, after he refused to deny they had sex in the house.

She added: "I'm single and ready to mingle. I really liked Kris but I think he's an idiot now. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm pregnant and if we had sex in the hose but the truth is we didn't."