Kris, Sophie and Freddie won the roller skating task.

The 'Big Brother' trio were delighted they had triumphed and won a party in the Diary Room after yesterday's (05.07.09) task, with Kris claiming it was his love-interest Sophie who led them to victory.

He said: "I wouldn't have been fussed until you said you really wanted to win. What madam wants madam gets."

The housemates were split into three groups - with the one comprising Karly, Rodrigo and Charlie, and the other Noirin, Marcus and Siavash - with one person in each team acting as a crash test dummy, and the other two crew members.

Each team had to push the dummy around a course, with the fastest group winning.

Kris was initially hesitant about taking part because he didn't want to be teamed with Freddie.

He told Lisa: "I'm not doing it. I'm not. Because there's no point only doing something half-hearted. I'm not a**ed about winning. If I win, I can't think of anything worse than sharing food or having a drink with Freddie. So why would I want to win?"