Sophie was reassured by a personal hologram message from Kris.

The 'Big Brother' glamour model saw her former in-house lover yesterday (16.08.09) when the housemates were given personal 3-D messages from their families. Kris was the fifth housemate to be evicted on July 10.

In the five weeks they have been apart, Sophie had worried whether the curly haired lothario - who had confessed to sleeping with over 100 women - would still be there for her.

She was also warned off him by former contestant Tom, shortly before he walked out of the house, but yesterday's message reassured her.

The holographic Kris told Sophie he was missing her, and is looking forward to seeing her when she comes out of the house.

Later, as Sophie prepared for bed, Lisa reminded her: "Have you kissed your picture?"

David added: "When you wake up in the morning, it'll be the first thing you see."

Lisa said: "He looks lovely in that picture. I'm so glad that he's waiting for you. He f***ing ought to, how many blokes want you?"

"All the guys will want you. I know he's proud of you babe."

Marcus said he was the happiest he'd been in the house after he was treated to listening to three of his favourite songs as well as receiving his message.