Sophie is confused by clouds.

The 'Big Brother' glamour model made the admission while gazing at the sky in the garden with some of the other housemates.

Starring into the sky, she asked: "Where do clouds go? Do they go to different countries?"

Siavash replied they didn't, prompting Sophie to make sure the cloud she was watching wouldn't end up over Australia.

After a brief break in the conversation, Sophie began questioning exactly how clouds are formed.

She said: "Where do they come from? Why can't we touch them?"

Siavash and Rodrigo were initially unsure how to respond, but then began explaining the water cycle process to her.

The previous evening, Sophie asked the other housemates to nominate her this week.

Insisting she was ready to go home, she begged Lisa and Siavash to help her face the public vote, but both refused.

Sophie said: "Put me up for eviction. I want to go up.

"I really want to go. I don't think I can wait any longer."