'Big Brother' housemate Sophie will only get naked for money.

The blonde glamour model - who has posed topless for a string of men's magazines - warned male housemates they won't be seeing her naked for free as she only takes off her bra if she is being paid.

Sophie - who has officially changed her name to Dogface to become an official housemate - told Marcus and Siavash: "I only get my boobs out if I'm getting paid!"

Irish beauty Noirin was however, more than happy to show her nipples last night (10.06.09).

The 25-year-old teased the two males by telling them of her sexy 'party trick'.

After joking her nipples were so large she could "hang coat hangers on them", Noirin claimed she was "smuggling peanuts".

She added: "Mine are really sensitive."

Exciting the pair even more, Noirin went on to treat loud-mouthed lesbian Lisa a peek of her breasts.

Unemployed Lisa said: "They're pointy, I'm not perving, I respect her, even though she's stunning."