Sophie laughed at Freddie's penis last night (06.08.09).

The busty 'Big Brother' glamour model jokingly pulled Freddie's pants down twice last night and remarked he had "a semi" before collapsing in a fit of laughter as they showered with Siavash and Bea.

Sophie (Dogface) Charlie and Rodrigo instigated the house fun earlier when they called Freddie (Halfwit) over to ask him if he was "at it" with Bea.

Although they couldn't pluck up the courage to pose their question, they instead asked him to do his "sexy voice".

As Freddie did, Sophie unexpectedly pulled his pants down, prompting him to squeal: "Sophie, you debagged me!"

Sophie then asked Siavash if he wanted some "TM" - which she explained as meaning "tickle monster". This inspired a tickling spree among the housemates, ending with Sophie, Freddie, Siavash and Charlie in the swimming pool.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get Rodrigo to join them, Charlie left the group and the rest showered and continued tickling Siavash until he was lying crumpled on the floor.

Sophie told him: "Well, Siavash, you asked for TM and you got TM."

After a further towel fight in the bathroom, Sophie pulled Freddie's pants down again.

She later apologised saying: "I'm sorry. I feel like I abused you. I do apologise.

"If I was a lady I wouldn't have pulled your pants down."