Sophie and Siavash face eviction from 'Big Brother'.

The blonde glamour model, aka Dogface, and the Iranian-born events organiser both face the public vote this week after Big Brother warned them to curb their incessant swearing as a punishment for discussing nominations.

The pair were warned they could not swear for six hours and were given a long list of words they were banned from using.

Big Brother told them they would automatically face the public vote if they were to use any word on that list before 3pm yesterday (12.07.09).

However, the pair were called into the diary room and told they had failed the challenge.

Big Brother said: "Dogface and Siavash. As you both swore before 3pm, you will both face the public vote this week."

Sophie laughed: "F**king great!"

Since learning of their possible eviction, the pair have been busy worrying out what they will wear for the Friday night show.

Siavash complained: "I have one pair of trousers that I can actually use. I can't be f***ed with it. They've seen everything that you got to wear in the house. They've seen you looking good, they've seen you looking s**t. There's nothing we can show them."