Kenneth's behaviour on 'Big Brother' was "reminiscent of a sociopath".

The self-styled international Playboy - who walked out of the show after less than a week on Thursday (23.07.09) morning - was told he had antisocial tendencies during a TV interview last night (24.07.09).

'Big Brother' psychologist Jeffrey joined host Davina Mccall and former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant Terry Christian to discuss Kenneth's time on the show.

Jeffrey told Kenneth: "You're fascinating to watch from a psychological point of view. You were engaged in defence mechanisms.

"You have some behaviour slightly reminiscent of a sociopath. Very charming."

A sociopath is a person with antisocial personality disorder, traits of which include a disregard for the rights of others, finding it hard to sustain relationships and a lack of regret for their actions.

Kenneth had numerous clashes with the other housemates, who accused him of bragging about his wealth and were appauled at his flippant comments and flirting with Sophie (Dogface), despite having a girlfriend, ex-housemate Karly.

Kenneth said: "I openly admit that I was an idiot.

"But I evolved. I learned a lot from my experience when I was in there.

"I was genuine. I was myself. Being in there has changed me. Numbing myself from everything doesn't work."

Kenneth made the decision to leave the show by vaulting over the wall of the compound around the reality TV house because his "heart wasn't at peace".

He was worried Karly's request to find her contraceptive pill was some sort of coded signal. Glamour model Karly denied this was the case, saying she had just forgot it when she left the previous week (17.07.09).