Sivash is dressed in a barrel with a chicken's head.

The 'Big Brother' contestants have received their costumes for this week's 'Italia 90' challenge - where all the housemates have to assume Italian stereotypes typical to the year in which the country last held the football World Cup - and as fashion advisor, Siavash has been handed the first in a line of bizarre outfits.

Siavash has to be 'on trend' wearing whichever outfit Big Brother pics out for him at all times. His look for this afternoon is completed by silver platform boots.

He told his fellow housemates: "Every time Madonna's 'Vogue' comes on, I have to jump on the podium and strike a pose. But yeah, I would wear this normally."

Meanwhile Gelato sellers Sree and Sophie (Dogface) are dressed in aprons and hats with ice creams stuck to them and must make ice-creams whenever ordered by Big Brother over the next 24 hours.

Each time an order is placed, they have to greet the caller with: "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Can I take your order please?"

Sophie has already declared: "This is torture."

The footballers, Charlie and Kris, are dressed in kit, wigs and moustaches, and have to periodically make authentic goal celebrations when big brother plays a goal scoring sound.

Lisa, in her role as sports reporter, is practicing for her part of the challenge. She has to guess if Italy won, lost or drew a match only from the announcer's pronunciation. She must guess seven outcomes correctly in order to pass her part of the challenge.