Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jo O'Meara has derided the behaviour of the producers of the Channel 4 show as "disgusting".

The ex-S Club singer says she has been hung out to dry since the fallout from the race row that embroiled the reality television series earlier this year.

O'Meara was accused of taking part in the alleged racist bullying of Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty, along with fellow contestants Jade Goody and Danielle Lloyd.

But the 27-year-old insists she did "nothing" wrong and that the show's producers made her out to "look like some monster".

In a tearful interview with the News of the World she also confirms that last month she was involved in a failed suicide bid.

"All I wanted to do was relaunch my career and save my home. Instead I was turned into the most hated person in Britain. And for what? Nothing," she told the Sunday tabloid.

"Then when the show finished playing with me like a puppet it abandoned me and left me to sort out my problems, knowing just how bad I'd become. Not one producer or boss at Channel 4 has sent me a card, email, flowers or note asking how I am," O'Meara went on to say.

"Their attitude is, 'She's gone now, she's made us our money'. It's disgusting."

But a Channel 4 spokesman responded by telling the tabloid: "A senior producer and the psychologist have maintained regular contact with Jo through her representatives.

"The psychologist has made additional offers of support which Jo has not yet taken up."

04/03/2007 12:20:40