Siavash can win some of the 'Big Brother' prize money back if he gives up all his possessions.

The fashion-obsessed party planner has the chance to increase the winner's cash prize from zero to £10,000 if he packs up all his clothes and accessories and gives them to Big Brother.

He will then be given one outfit, which he will have to wear until he leaves the show.

The programme's £100,000 cash prize was withdrawn yesterday (25.08.09) after the contestants attempted to break out of the house.

Sophie, Siavash, Rodrigo, Charlie, Marcus, David and Lisa escaped through a fire exit after they were told to stop "being so boring".

After running around screaming in the camera zone while security guards chased them, they returned to the house to await their "punishment".

Prize money has been reduced slightly in previous years after various rules were broken but it has never been completely withdrawn.

The landmark decision comes the same day Channel 4 announced its plans to axe the show after one final series in 2010 because of poor ratings.

The current series of 'Big Brother' ends next week.