Sophie was once so shy a friend had to speak on her behalf.

The 'Big Brother' star was so "painfully" introverted as a child, she was too scared to tell teachers she needed to use the bathroom.

The Playboy model's friend Courtney Davies said: "At primary school I had to talk on her behalf because she was so shy. I even had to ask if she could go to the toilet.

She added that she only started gaining confidence and getting more attention from males after she fulfilled her dreams of becoming a glamour model.

Courtney added to Britain's Star magazine: "The boys only really started paying attention after her first topless modelling job on her 18th birthday."

Meanwhile, Angel's father Clinton McKenzie - a boxing champion who adopted the Russian pugilist in 2005 when she was 31 - has spoken about his daughter's super-skinny frame, saying he has always been concerned about her weight.

Clinton told Britain's New! magazine: "In a day she'll eat a piece of lettuce or a bit of onion - and that's it. I'm always having a go at her, telling her she's too skinny."