This year's batch of fame-hungry celebrities in the Big Brother house looked utterly baffled by the identity of their fellow housemates and perhaps the most confused was Bollywood siren SHILPA SHETTY.

India's answer to Angelina Jolie probably won't be getting on too well with self-professed toilet-seat-wetter DONNY TOURETTE as the housemates embark on their two-week bonding session.

He should probably be warned though that the award-winning actress does have a black belt in karate and is a massive fan of Jackie Chan.

Well known in her native India as one of the country's hottest film stars, SHILPA is famous for her energetic dance routines but last night she appeared cool as a cucumber when entering the house.

She's not the most modest girl and says: "My sex appeal lies in my body and my body language. My carriage, my eyes, my smile... everything."

This should come in handy with the first task being a dinner date with another housemate where she must flirt outrageously in a bid to raise the lucky man, or woman's, heart rate.

04/01/2007 12:22:13