CELEBRITY Big Brother'S lead man, the A-Team's DIRK BENEDICT, has admitted he feels a little something when he's near Bollywood superstar SHILPA SHETTY.

The Face man told BIG BROTHER in the Diary Room: "Although I can't pronounce her name, which is a hindrance, I've been flirting with her; I have to stop doing that."

Dirk also asked: "And you'll give me Shilpa's phone number?"

However, while the veteran TV star was wondering about what to call Shilpa, the 31-year-old beauty was telling CLEO ROCOS that she has feelings for Dirk too, only the two are simply not to be.

"I think he's very sexy," confessed the actress, but when quizzed by Cleo, added that he was "sexy and old".

Much to Cleo's consternation, Shilpa wouldn't budge and was eventually labelled "too fussy" by the Brazilian-born presenter.

Meanwhile, JADE GOODY and boyfriend JACK TWEEDY have been heating things us themselves with some suspicious rustlings in the middle of the night. Jade confessed to fellow giggling housemates JO O'MEARA and the stunning DANIELLE LLOYD that Jack's frustrations were setting in.

But one former housemate is certainly not fussed about watching the Goodys cavort round the house. KEN RUSSELL explained his reason for leaving the house was the "vulgar" family.

He added: "I grew up in the slums of Southampton and we had a word for people like that - guttersnipes.

"There should be a Devil's Island where we can send these people, they're all going to hell anyway."

10/01/2007 16:14:44