Shabby and Caoimhe have settled their differences ahead of the 'Big Brother' eviction tonight (02.07.10).

The pair - who have had a tense relationship since squatter Shabby revealed she had a crush on the pretty student - have decided to put their turbulent past behind them now they are up for the boot along with medical student, Sunshine.

However in their heart to heart Shabby brought up her feelings saying: "It would have been really good to have had you as my best friend and to have fancied someone else so I could have talked to you about it."

The pretty Irish student apologised for ranting to Nathan about the 24-year-old lesbian's confession.

She also admitted she regretted "b****ing" in the house.

She added: "I do regret it, it's one of my biggest regrets in here".

Despite not being up for eviction tonight, Ben is also worried about being a target for the public.

The posh writer and broadcaster from London admitted: "Last week I thought I was going."

The 30-year-old star was also thrilled not to have been the first person out.

He added: "Yeah, that would have been embarrassing, and I think Rachael took it well."