Rodrigo was sick after eating a rotten egg during the 'Big Brother' sports day.

The show contestants were tasked with competing in an extreme sports day yesterday (28.06.09), which saw them completing an egg and spoon race, then eating the egg.

However, the duck eggs - a Chinese delicacy - were off, causing several of the housemates to feel ill.

As Rodrigo was violently ill, Noirin - who was leading a team which included Charlie, Lisa, Rodrigo and Sophie - smirked: "Are you OK, honey?"

Kris then moaned: "I'm not complaining about onions again."

Other events included a skipping test which had to be completed on plastic building bricks, a relay with a baton made from cactus, rolling over a number of electrical field of plugs and a sack race with sacks full of stinging nettles.

After the races were finished, the groups began debating which team would win.

Finally, Big Brother announced Norin's group had triumphed, and they were treated to a disco with good food and alcohol.

Referee Marcus claimed Sree was behind the failure of Siavash's team, which also included Kris, Karly and Freddie.

Marcus moaned: "He's bringing the whole House down. He's just being a **** because he didn't win."