Rodrigo was imprisoned in the stocks by his 'Big Brother' housemate Kris.

The house is presently mimicking 16th century Britain for this weeks shopping task, with the 12 housemates each taking a role in society, from Siavash who is King Henry VIII, to Kris who plays a courtier.

Brazilian student Rodrigo - named yesterday (22.06.09) by Siavash as the prettiest of his six wives - was bewildered by the stocks, a mediaeval form of punishment where a person is bent over forwards and locked by their hands and neck in a block of wood.

Kris offered to give him a demonstration. Once Rodrigo had successfully put himself in the device and been latched in, he asked: "And what does this do?"

Kris replied: "Nothing yet," before leaving him stuck and going back inside the house.

After cries for help from powerless Rodrigo, Kris returned with Charlie and tickled him as punishment before letting him go.

Marcus - who is playing the village idiot - is locked in the stocks and pelted with either sponges soaked in fish guts or rotten fruit every time Siavash - who is constantly being quizzed on his character, the king - gets an answer wrong.